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We’re resuming excitedly our educational activities aiming at the individuals under temporary protection and disadvantaged local people. Under the Training Protocol that we signed with the General Directorate of Life-long Learning of Ministry of National Education on 21 October 2017, we’ll continue performing our training activities, apart from our projects on protection and means of livelihood in the scope of Human Development Program, in various cities and districts of Turkey with the purpose of strengthening individuals and society.

With the models of Community Centres and Vocational Centres and also new training projects, we will continue our projects, for which we’ve created different learning environments in Gaziantep, Hatay, İstanbul and Konya so far, in cooperation with the General Directorate of Life-long Learning of Ministry of National Education.

Based on the needs, we’re diversifying and improving, for the individuals included in our target group, our activities on the Turkish language training and vocational training which support daily life and also our training activities that support schooling and access to daily life. Depending on the authority granted by this protocol, we’ll be able to perform educational activities also in Ankara, İzmir and Mersin apart from the cities where we’re currently carrying on our activities.

We’re pleased to resume our training activities, taking into account the needs and demands of the local people and individuals under temporary protection and also the applicable regulations. We would like to share, with you, our excitement and pleasure to carry out our activities and continue learning together with our trainees with the purpose of contributing to social peace and elimination of poverty.