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    Earth Citizenship Program is designed to encourage activism and sense of responsibility for the community as well as global and local affairs. Through educational and advocacy...
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    Human Development Program is aimed at supporting people in need in establishing dignified and self-sufficient living. Employment creation and empowerment efforts undertaken in order to increase...

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Youth and Adult Learning

YUVA’s target group is youth and adults, as it is unfair to put the whole burden of building a new world on the shoulders of children, and the earth cannot endure another 20 years for us to act. Our trainings are participant centered and based on voluntary participation. Beyond a course or seminar, we  strive for creating the learning environment for the ones who want to learn.

Fighting Poverty

YUVA works with communities to tackle the causes of poverty by a combination of hands on know-how and education. We aim for self-sufficiency and our support has a long term perspective. We work with people to rebuild their lives, secure jobs and livelihoods, and plan a better future for their families.

Sustainable Living

YUVA conducts trainings and advocacy measures to foster a life style in harmony with nature and to protect the rights of nature. We also try to set an example by minimizing our own ecological footprint.

Human Rights and Peace

When discrimination dissapears and people have the power to claim their basic human rights, poverty can be eradicated and peace can prevail between humans and humans and nature – permanently. This is the common aim of our human rights, peace, mediation, intercultural learning, gender, advocacy and active citizenship trainings.