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Being happy is the most non-governmental organizations working in Turkey.


First of all, it is based on the idea of; human yap in a solid organizational structure; Human Resources processes and activities with proactive approach in the most effective and efficient way to execute, to play an effective role in the achievement of YUVA’s goals.

Our HR Policy

  • Designing and implementing human resources systems within the YUVA family.
  • Using the business analysis and valuation methods based on the content of the work, to form an effective organizational structure with the right norm staff planning.
  • To implement a Right Person Towards Human  policy by using competency based objective methods without language, religion or gender discrimination.
  • Protecting all rights within the YUVA family by offering equal opportunity to all.
  • To make YUVA family members happy with fair, transparent and equitable remuneration systems.
  • To implement a fair and accurate performance management system with competence and target based performance evaluation approach.
  • To work in different tasks within the YUVA, by using the potential in the right place to promote effective performance.
  • To create and contribute to the development of personal and professional competences by creating and presenting training and development opportunities.
  • To create a safe working environment by applying Occupational Health and Safety rules.

Became a YUVA Volunteer

We were very happy to be a YUVA volunteer! There are more things we can do together to make the world a better place.

By creating pluralistic environments for children, young people and adults, we work to support social participation and harmony and we want to contribute to social peace.

if you agree to the terms of volunteering:

I love working with children and young people, and I have knowledge and experience in education pedagogy and / or workshops. I can offer at least 2 hours a week volunteer contribution to various workshops and school support trainings for children, young people and adults.

Our volunteer work titles are as follows:

İstanbul Koşuyolu- Learning Center (Ecological Literacy)
İstanbul Koşuyolu- Learning Center (Living Together: Migration and Social Cohesion)
İstanbul Ümraniye- Children and Youth Center
Istanbul Avcilar-Flying Library and Avcilar Office
Hatay Kırıkhan- Community Center
Mersin Community Center

While supporting, you can improve yourself. We are making announcements for voluntary applications in certain periods. You can follow our announcements.