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In all our work we think of the responsibility of tomorrow. We try not to forget the small but evident difference between needs and wishes. So we want only to consume as much as we need.

In our projects we are thinking of the life cycle of the project, and we want have a positive ecological and social effect. Right from the beginning of our projects, we aim to have the results last even after we leave the field.

We believe that a sustainable change can be created only in this way.


All our projects, especially our education programs, are built on respect. With our projects, we want to catalyse a change in the participants and add new things to their lives. This is only possible with great respect for their culture and wishes.

The communication we have with our participants is based on equality. As an educational institution, we have things to teach, but we also have to learn from our participants. We think that learning is a mutual process.

Human Rights and Rights of Nature

We design our projects based on human rights and the rights of nature. We have no other home than this earth. Our fates are bound to each other and cannot be divided. We stand against discrimination. The marginalized parts of society find us at their side. In the same way that humans have the right to live, develop, and be free, all the other beings with whom we share this earth also have these rights.

We believe that human rights are an indivisible part of the rights of nature


One of the most important characteristics of our Earth is diversity. This diversity keeps the natural processes alive and makes life possible. We work to protect the diversity of nature and prevent the extinction of species.

As it is not possible to have only one kind of living being, it is also not possible to have only one kind of human being. We embrace the different colours of mankind – people who are white or black, people with or without disabilities, people with different languages and preferences. We don’t want to miss any of these differences. We want to live with this equality and diversity.