Who we are

Yuva Association was founded in 2010 with the aim of generating holistic sustainable solutions to environmental problems, education, and social issues both in Turkey and in the world. As YUVA, we work to support the personal development of adults and young people through lifelong learning, to increase their awareness regarding the environment and to contribute to the eradication of poverty. Our aim is to provide a sustainable life for all living beings.

Erdem Vardar

Erdem Vardar / Founding Director

Erdem Vardar has volunteered for environmental organizations, organized activist groups, has worked for international NGOs and advocated for the rights of the nature and humans for more than 15 years in Europe, Asia, and in Turkey. And he helped those with similar dreams to learn.

Özge Sönmez

Özge Sönmez / Program Director

Özge Sönmez is a graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics and she is doing her post graduate education at Istanbul University, Local Administration, Urban and Environmental Studies. Sönmez, who has worked in various non-governmental organizations in the fields of environment and education, continues to provide consultancy in these areas.

“YUVA has a holistic model and different subjects are addressed together in order to provide a sustainable life. In this way, problems are approached with a humanistic and holistic perspective and a holistic transformation is offered. And, today, the transformation offered by YUVA is realized with young people and adults.”