Lifelong Learning

In 2018, we came together with the Flying Library children at Yapı Kredi Investment.

We believe in equal opportunities in education.

Our Learning Program creates alternative and distinctive intercultural learning environments with the belief that everyone has the right to lifelong education and learning. Our main goal is to empower disadvantaged people and to support social development by providing learning opportunities with inclusive education methods for children, young people, and adults.

At our learning programs which are designed based on the learning models, it is taken into account that the learning process of the participants varies according to their background and society they live in. Our vocational training and language programs together fall under the heading of combating poverty and our other education programs are offered under Lifelong Learning. The dialogue between participants and instructors is the key element of the learning process in YUVA’s educational approach. In the learning environments we built with this approach, we make it possible to integrate the energy of children and young people and experience of adults into the learning process.

 Thematic Workshops:

 Flying Library

We aim to provide quality and sustainable shared living experience to children and young people who are the victims of the internal and external migration and live in environments with limited access to public services.  In the project, which we launched in collaboration with Goethe Institute, our library was carried from one specified destination to the other in the districts of Istanbul. We come together with the children between the ages of 7-14 through our scheduled workshops we organize and we meet the young people between the ages of 18-27 through volunteering activities.

Sultanbeyli Municipality and Refugees Association were our local partners in the first destination of the Flying Library, Sultanbeyli. And the second destination of the Flying Library was Avcılar, Yeşilkent region. Avcılar Municipality was our local partner there.

Living Together: Migration and Social Cohesion Workshops

Living Together: Migration and Social Cohesion Workshops are carried out with the aim of providing the right information to the host society after the mass migration of the refugees and preventing prejudices and make it possible to live together by creating sympathy between the two communities. It is aimed to reach particularly to the employees of public and non-governmental organizations which serve especially to Syrians through the training programs available to adults. During the workshops the focus is on providing information to the employees of participant organizations regarding the legal and social processes experienced by the Syrians, enabling the mutual sharing of the challenges and experiences of the persons providing service for them, and the development of new perspectives for improving the service capacity of the employees. The whole learning program was designed via experiential learning methods and progressed in a participatory way.

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