SINC (Social Inclusion) Project

Yuva Association develops and participates in a range of projects in order to contribute to the civil Space, to strengthen the organization’s capacity in the field of migration & social inclusion. In that context, “Fostering Social Inclusion in Multicultural Regions (SINC)” Project aims to enhance the impact of social inclusion interventions and to raise awareness of Turkish CSOs on the social inclusion interventions by exchanging knowledge between the CSOs in Turkey and Sweden with focus on social inclusion activities deployed in multicultural regions in cooperation with local governments i.e. municipalities. 

During the project, 3 Study visits to Sweden, Germany and Turkey will be implemented The study visits will give Turkish and Swedish CSOs and municipalities the chance to see and learn on site how their counterparts are finding solutions to the challenges on social inclusion interventions. Moreover, the study visits will contribute to a long-term sustainability target considering the enhancement and continuation of the dialogue established between project partners and adding new organisational relationships. The outcomes of these study visits will be discussed via a workshop which brings the associates and partners together. Also, the lessons learnt, recommendations and feedback from the organizations will be reflected in the white paper. And additionally, a Panel meeting will be organized for Turkish CSOs to share previous experiences, key learnings and increase awareness about relevant EU acquis (Istanbul) and their experiences on social inclusion. Armed with this information, two social inclusion projects conducted by the Lead and Co-applicant will be evaluated by a steering committee which consist of the selected members of partners and associates.

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