What We Do?

Yuva Association was found in 2010 with the aim of generating holistic sustainable solutions to environmental problems, education, and social issues both in Turkey and in the world. As YUVA, we work to support the personal development of adults and young people through lifelong learning, to increase their awareness regarding the environment and to contribute to the eradication of poverty. Our aim is to provide a sustainable life for all living beings.

“YUVA has a holistic model and different subjects are addressed together in order to provide a sustainable life. In this way, problems are approached with a humanistic and holistic perspective and a holistic transformation is offered. And, today, the transformation offered by YUVA is realized with young people and adults.”

 Environmental Awareness

We carry out training programs and awareness activities in order to protect nature while promoting a lifestyle in harmony with nature. And we also try to set an example by minimizing our own ecological footprint. With the activities we provide in our Learning Center, we encourage people to feel responsible for the things happening around them and the world, and their partners and we encourage them to take action for a sustainable life.

Our Environmental Awareness Activities are held within the scope of:

  • Learning Center
  • Seminar on Sustainability and Environmental Awareness.

Fighting Poverty

Since the establishment of our organization, we have been carrying out empowerment activities to enable individuals who are in need to live an honorable life. We aim to strengthen the resilience of the individuals, and thus the society, and to promote eco-friendly employment by means of providing sources of income. In our workshops started in different cities, we produce items such as jewelry, accessories, textile products, and shoes with the participation of local people. The items produced are developed with the consultancy of expert designers and are shaped according to the trends and demands in the regions where the workshops are located. We also organize job guaranteed training for workforce and self-employment training programs. We offer training opportunities such as internships and on-the-job training. We aim to provide information and safe areas that will enable people that are under the protection program to evaluate themselves and their environment. We are working in order to build bridges between different communities through social cohesion projects.

Our Fighting Poverty Activities are carried under:

  • Activities to Provide Source of Income and Create Employment
  • Vocational Training and Consulting
  • Protection and Social Cohesion Activities.

Lifelong Learning

We believe that children, young people, and adults have the right to have access to lifelong learning and education. We prepare educational programs for children, young people, and adults with the aim of providing equality of opportunity in education. Our training programs are participant-oriented and volunteer-based and unlike courses or seminars, it is based on creating a learning environment for those who are eager to learn. We provide training programs that increase peer communication and improve participants’ life skills in safe areas where people can express themselves.

YUVA is a member of the European Association for the Education of Adults since 2015. Özge Sönmez, one of our founders, is the education champion of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Foundation regarding the girls’ right to education.

Our activities under Lifelong Learning are carried out within the scope of:

  • Non-formal Education
  • Thematic Workshops
  • Capacity Building Activities.