Global Literacy Network


“We aren’t destroying the biosphere because we are selfish. We are doing it simply because we are unaware.”

Climate Activist Greta Thunberg, Interview with The Guardian, June 2019

The proliferation of global literate individuals who can research and adopt ways to live more harmoniously with nature is essential for the future of our planet and continuation of our existence. And a change in this direction can only be achieved if we, sharing a common concern about the sustainability of our planet, act together.

As civil society organizations who work in the field of environmental education or can contribute to the content of environmental trainings, we aim to join our forces, improve our educational and organizational capacity, organize environmental trainings for young adults and children, and conduct advocacy work.

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Who can join?

All associations, foundations, civil society networks and platforms, professional associations and city councils which organize trainings and awareness raising activities in the field of environment and climate change or can contribute to the content of these trainings, support the overall aim of KOZA, and operate in Ankara, Balikesir, Canakkale, Gaziantep, Hatay, Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin can join KOZA.

The overall aim of establishing KOZA is to strengthen cooperation in the field of environmental education by creating a network of civil society organizations from Turkey and the European Union and thus contributing to the increasing of “global literate” individuals who can critically approach to the nature and human relationships, develop ideas for the solution of the related problems, do research and display responsible behavior and understanding.

What will we do at KOZA?

Activities to be implemented under the umbrella of the KOZA, which we establish within the scope of the three-year “Environmental Literacy Communication Network Project” financed by the EU are:

  • Global literacy trainings for children and young adults which are comprised of sustainable and ecological literacy and climate change literacy trainings,
  • Training for trainers for representatives of NGOs and civil initiatives participating in the network to provide the global literacy trainings,
  • Capacity building workshops for NGOs and civil initiatives participating in the network,
  • Social media campaigns and production of an animation for children with the aim of raising environmental awareness,
  • Three study visits to institutions in various cities in the EU in order to observe best practices,
  • Joint advocacy work in the field of environmental education.



This project is funded by the European Union. Its content is under the sole responsibility of Yuva Association and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.