Project Information


The “Environmental Literacy Networking Project” is a project implemented by Yuva Association (Turkey) and Kyoto Club (Italy) within the European Union Civil Society Facility and Media – Support to Civil Society Networks and Platforms in Turkey.

The Support to Civil Society Networks and Platforms Program aims to empower active citizenship and strengthen civil society by contributing to the development of a vibrant civil society by encouraging more active democratic participation in policy and decision-making processes and by promoting a culture of fundamental rights and dialogue. It is financed by the European Union under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance II (IPA II).


The specific objective of the project is to bring CSOs from Turkey and EU together around the shared concern of protecting the environment and combating climate change. These actors will come together under this network in order to exchange knowledge, experience and/or resources for shared learning in the field of environment and climate change and conduct, disseminate and advocate sustainability and ecological literacy (SEL) and climate change literacy (CCL) education programmes for citizens in general and public bodies in particular.

Three activity clusters serve the achievement of the abovementioned specific objective:

  • Education Networking covering activities relating to the establishment of a network of CSOs around environmental literacy education.
  • Awareness-raising Networking covering awareness raising activities of the established network through environmental literacy education programmes.
  • Advocacy Networking covering advocacy activities of the network members through the dissemination of environmental literacy education programmes to public bodies.


The “Environmental Literacy Network” (ELN) has been established within the framework of the project. Implemented activities within the scope of this network are in line with the following goals:

  • Develop and implement environmental literacy education programs in the field of sustainability and ecological literacy and climate change literacy for young adults and children,
  • Develop and organize organizational and institutional capacity building trainings and workshops on communication, campaigning and advocacy for the network member organizations,
  • Conduct joint activities and advocacy activities as well as develop strategic cooperation with local and/or national authorities.


The project encompasses the following activities:

  • An opening ceremony to introduce the project,
  • The establishment of the Global Literacy Network (KOZA) with CSOs,
  • Four workshops on organizational and institutional capacity development with 35 participants each,
  • The design of the curriculum of Sustainable and Ecological Literacy (SEL) and the Climate Change Literacy (CCL) trainings for children and young adults,
  • Four Training of Trainers with the participation of 24 volunteers each,
  • Four capacity building workshops on communication and campaigning with 35 participants each,
  • 55 dissemination trainings in various cities across Turkey and with the participation of 960 people in total,
  • Social media campaigns and the production an animation for children in order to raise environmental awareness,
  • Four capacity building workshops on advocacy with 35 participants each,
  • Three study visits to institutions in various cities in the EU in order to observe best practices.



This project is funded by the European Union. Its content is under the sole responsibility of Yuva Association and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.