Network Members

The Environmental Literacy Network, which we started in 2020 as YUVA in partnership with the Kyoto Club, currently has 55 members. You can review the list below to learn more about our members and their work.

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Ali İsmail Korkmaz FoundationHatay
Wasteless Loveİstanbul
Workshop Trial Art and Ecological Work Associationİzmir
Balıkesir Sustainable Development and Environment AssociationBalıkesir
Bambu AssociationAnkara
Bandırma City CouncilBalıkesir
Another School is Possibleİstanbul
Bayraklı Municipalityİzmir
Buca Municipalityİzmir
Buğday Support to Ecological Life Associationİstanbul
Çanakkale Koza Youth AssociationÇanakkale
The Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of Environment and Cultural Heritage (ÇEKÜL)İstanbul
Environment, Urban and Regional Development Application and Research CenterErzincan
Circle Upİstanbul
Comune di Foiano di Val FortoreBenevento
Çukurova Young Entrepreneur Business People AssociationMersin
Çukurova People, Seed and Earth WorkshopMersin
Nature and Sustainability AssociationAnkara
Natural Life AssociationAnkara
Four Seasons Lifelong Play and Learning Associationİzmir
Long Live World AssociationAnkara
Edremit MunicipalityBalıkesir
Chamber of Physics EngineersAnkara
Share the Future Civil Initiativeİzmir
Youth Development and Entrepreneurship AssociationSakarya
Youth Services CenterAnkara
South Marmara Protection of Cultural and Natural Environment Association, Bandırma BranchBalıkesir
Hacettepe Environment CommunityAnkara
Support to Life Associationİstanbul
İmece Networkİstanbul
Climate Pioneers 
İzmir Municipality Social Projects Departmentİzmir
K-GEM Woman and Young Entrepreneurship CenterAnkara
KODA, Village Schools Exchange Networkİstanbul
Kyoto ClubRoma
Mezitli City CouncilMersin
Mikado Consultingİstanbul
NATURA Nature and Culture Protection AssociationAnkara
METU Green Campus CommunityAnkara
Teachers Academy Foundationİstanbul
Ören Adremytteion Association Balıkesir
Roots and Shoots Turkeyİstanbul
Nine Villages Development and Social Enterprise CooperativeÇanakkale
Health and Climate Change AssociationAnkara
Youth Beyond Borders Association YOBBAİstanbul
Social Climate Associationİzmir
SUYADER, Sustainable Life AssociationAnkara
Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship Assocaitionİzmir
Seed Education Culture and Nature AssociationAnkara
Community Volunteers Foundationİstanbul
TEDGA Movement, Development, Research and Monitoring of Social and Ecological DialogueAnkara
Troya Environment AssociationÇanakkale
Consumer Protection AssociationBalıkesir
Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers (TTMD)Ankara
Turkish Environmental Education Foundation, TÜRÇEVAnkara
Volunteers Centre SkopjeÜsküp
WWF Turkey Officeİstanbul
Yaren Cooperativeİzmir
Green CircleBerlin
Green Future Associationİstanbul
My Home Earth Associationİstanbul


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