OPENING CONFERENCE: Following the start of our project, we organized an opening conference and launched the Environmental Literacy Network (ELN) on the 1st of July 2020. Following the webinar which was organized as a webinar due to pandemic, we came together with the first ELN member via a network initiation and introduction meeting organized on the 13th of August 2020. 

CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOPS: We organized four workshops based on the needs of the network member organizations. These workshops covered financial sustainability and monitoring, evaluation and social impact and were organized in September and October 2020, respectively. 

DISSEMINATION TRAININGS: We completed the environmental education curriculum with the suggestions of the network member organizations. Our education curriculum is composed of two dissemination training modules: Climate Literacy and Sustainability and Ecological Literacy. We organized five online dissemination trainings in November and December 2020 and we reached 88 young adults with these trainings. 

TRAINING OF TRAINERS. We organized one online training of trainers for the environmental literacy trainings with the participation of 23 ELN member organization representatives on 16-17-18 December and 23-24 December 2020.


CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOPS AND ELN MEETINGS: In 2021, we held capacity building workshops on campaigns and communication. We repeated the workshops for new KOZA members in November 2021. We also organized online KOZA Meetings to learn more from each other as KOZA members. 

DISSEMINATION TRAININGS: Our dissemination trainings continued at full speed in 2021. We reached 604 young adults by organizing 11 sustainability and ecological literacy trainings and 8 climate literacy trainings throughout the year. 98.60% of the participants who participated in the evaluation form at the end of 2021 stated that they learned new information that they could transfer to their daily lives.

TRAINING OF TRAINERS: We held the second training of trainers online on 19-23 December 2021. 19 of the KOZA member representatives completed the training and our trainer pool grew.

ANIMATION CAMPAIGN: In 2021, with the support of an advisory board made up of KOZA members, we produced animation videos for children on climate change, biodiversity and environmental sustainability. We established an animation social media campaign working group in December 2021 and planned the details of our campaign. As twelve KOZA organizations, we spread the videos on social media. We reached 125,473 people through all three videos.



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