Environmental Awareness

What Do We Do Within the Scope of Environmental Awareness?

We carry out  environmental awareness activities under our Learning Center. Within the scope of the activities that raise awareness among individuals to lead a responsible life, we organize comprehensive training programs for young people and adults. In this way, we encourage people to feel responsible for the things happening around them and the world, and their peers and to take action.

In Order to Feel Responsible for Our Partners and Take Action: Learning Center

The aim of the training programs within the scope of the activities we have carried out in the Learning Center is to ensure that all the knowledge and skills needed by individuals and society to lead a responsible life are obtained. With these efforts, we provide support to empower people to stand by society and geography they live in and create change that will contribute to the continuity of life. In 2018, we organized free and open training programs and workshops within our Learning Center for this purpose:

  • Things That are Transformed into Notebooks Workshop
  • Nonhazardous Cleaning Workshop
  • Non-consuming Gifts Workshop
  • Bird-watching Event
  • Garden Making Event
  • Pickling Workshop
  • Bartering Event
  • Seed Ball Workshop
  • Ecological Literacy Education

To Understand and Protect Ecosystem: Ecological Literacy Education

Our ecological literacy education, where we discuss the cycles of nature, how they work, and what we can do to live more in harmony with this system, is carried out by volunteer trainers using participatory and experiential learning-oriented training methods. The trainings last two days and are provided by volunteer instructors who have completed their seven-day instructor training. The content of the education consists of the history of living beeings in the world, its stages, the problems that are faced today, and the solutions offered. The training program, which provides basic knowledge of ecology, progress in a participant-oriented way with non-stereotypical creative training techniques.

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