Within the framework of Syrian Refugees Program, which was initiated in 2013, we have established two community centers in Kırıkhan, Hatay and Nizip, Gaziantep in 2015. Through these centers, YUVA has been providing education and protection services in order to empower both Syrian and the host community through non-formal learning activities. Our adult learning methods and carefully planned social activities aim to foster intercultural dialog and social integration between two com- munities.


The main objectives of the Syrian Refugees Program are: 

  • To empower both Syrian and the host community through non-formal learning activities
  • To develop and implement psycho- social support program especially for Syrians’ emotional and cognitive well-being
  • Improve self sufficiency and strengthen the professional skills of the refugees through vocational trainings and livelihood activities
  • To increase the dialogue and solidarity between Syrian refugees and the local people through social activities

Furthermore, we have a firm focus on Turkish language education in all of our centers to minimize the language barrier, to improve access to government services, hospitals and to increase employment rate of the refugees.

Program’s main target groups are Syrian adults and youth, but our centers are open to Turkish beneficiaries as well. In addition, the staff of the community centers also consists of both Syrians and the host community, in order to improve communication and cooperation between two com- munities. This is one of the most important facts that differentiate our approach from other initiatives in Turkey.

YUVA Community Centers have been pro- viding community protection and support activities including case management,

awareness raising sessions, social counseling, legal aid, community mobilization, language courses including TÖMER (Turkish Language Education Model for Fore- igners) and TOEFL (English Language Test) preparation, computer trainings, skills development courses and vocational trainings.

In order to encourage families, and especially to promote the attendance of women, we have Child Friendly Spaces in our centers. In these spaces we provide early childhood services for the children of participants such as drawing, drama and photography activities that are facilitated by social workers and teachers.